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By agreeing to this purchase you are agreeing to allow the Burch Marketing team to login to your personal kvCORE account & by default have access to any information inside of it. This includes your kvCORE account login information, your full CRM, etc. The Burch Marketing team will never share your personal information & our access to your account lasts only as long as required by the product you purchased. Once purchased, you will receive instructions on how to fill out the required Google Form & get started.

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The Jungle Bundle

Upon completion of this purchase you will receive an email with full instructions, the link to the required Google Onboarding Form, & the link to sign-up on Calendly. Please reach out if you don't receive this email!

What You'll Receive:

  • One 45-Minute Zoom Meeting with Brandon Burch

  • Basic Saved Filter Setup

  • Profile Setup

  • WebIDX Settings, Behavioral Automations, & Optional Website Adjustments

  • Campaign & Collection Installation


Campaign & Collection Descriptions:

  • 'Response' Campaigns

    - 'Bought a Home', 'Just Browsing', 'Working with Other Agent', 'Looking for Someone Else'

  • 'Closing' Campaign

    - The biggest downfall I see with realtors, big or small, is a lack of past-client follow-up & not making an effort to get positive reviews online. If some of your most important clients are your past clients, why would you not nurture them? This is a campaign that we will be setting up with your preferred vendor list & review links: Google, Zillow, & Facebook. You can include these on the Google Form, email them to us later, or we can get them during a meeting.

  • 'Under Contract' Campaign

    - This is a campaign that triggers an email to 'Under Contract' leads, explaining The "10 Dos or Don'ts while Under Contract"

  • 'Sphere' Campaign

    - This is a campaign designed to remind the people most valuable to your business that their referrals & recommendations go a long way!

  • Tracked Call Campaign

    - You may have seen random phone numbers in your kvCORE. If you haven't, then you might, especially if you decide to purchase a Smart Number. This is a campaign designed to help identify people that are calling your kvCORE Smart Number.

  • Website Sign Up Greeting Campaign (Buyers)

    - Leads can sign-up on your website from anywhere: Facebook, Google, or your Website organically. This campaign triggers for any lead that signs up, with the intention of getting them to respond!

  • Warm Lead Campaign

    - This campaign is designed to keep you top-of-mind with warm-to-hot leads YEAR ROUND, while providing valuable information. This is a campaign that we will be personalizing with links specific to your local area.

  • Seller Greeting Campaign

    - Getting a listing is the ultimate treasure in real estate, but you need to be time-efficient when working seller leads. This is a campaign for any type of seller: FSBO, expired, withdrawn, absentee, vacant, pre-foreclosures, probates, divorces, tax late, etc., - designed to get a response or a story without wasting your own precious time.

  • Canned Response Collection

    - These are a collection of quick & time efficient templated text messages that you can use to respond to leads based on certain situations. Instead of drafting up a personal reply for each lead, these templated responses are easily selected from a dropdown menu!

  • Behavioral Automation Collection

    - These are a collection of text messages that we will use to replace the default kvCORE responses for certain behaviors a lead may exhibit on your website.

  • Newsletter & Holiday Collection

    - With this collection of basic emails, there is no excuse as to why your database isn't getting at least 12 to 24 soft-touches a year!