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Did you know that 99% of real estate professionals I work with did not have an organized database when we started?

Learn how to use Campaigns & Strategy to save you Time & Energy.
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  • Have a fully automated kvCORE system
  • Have turn-key Campaigns for different situations
  • Be prioritizing the people that mean the most to your business

Staying top-of-mind, organized, & time-efficient will make all the difference in your real estate career.

What's Included In Your Jungle Bundle...

One 45-Minute Zoom Meeting with Brandon Burch
  • The point of this meeting is to cover everything that your Jungle Bundle entails. You will learn how to Activate, Utilize, & Edit your new Campaigns. By the end of this meeting, you will be familiar with the changes we have made to your kvCORE & how they will drastically improve the health of your database moving forward.
 Basic Saved Filter Setup
  • Every Database/CRM needs Saved Filters. These will act as your foundational principles of organization. In kvCORE, you should always have the following basic filters saved: New Lead, Active Lead, Active Lead 1 3 & 5 Stars, Prospect, Sphere, Under Contract, Closed, Client & "Leads w/ No Alert."
Profile Setup
  • Your kvCORE Profile needs phone numbers, emails, a headshot, a signature, & some links to be functioning properly. We will be doing a basic health check to see what you might be missing.
WebIDX Settings, Behavioral Automations, & Optional Website Adjustments
  • We edit your kvCORE settings to "force" new leads to input a Phone Number when signing up on your website. We swap out the default texts that kvCORE sends to leads based on the behavior they exhibit on your website. Optionally, we adjust the layout of your website home page & make changes to the custom navigation menu.
Over 10 kvCORE Campaigns & More!
  • Multiple 'Response' Campaigns, 'Closing' Campaign, 'Under Contract' Campaign, 'Sphere' Campaign, Greeting Campaigns for Buyers & Sellers, Warm Lead Campaign, Tracked Call Campaign, Newsletter & Holiday Collection, Canned Response Collection & Behavioral Automation Collection.

This Jungle Bundle Is For You If...

  • You are a new agent
  • You are an experienced agent
  • You are a high-producing agent with multiple lead flows
  • Your database is fresh with no regular touches
  • You need to identify "who's-who" in your database
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